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The cosmetic items that people use every day rely on the accurate application of the liquid or solid on a surface or a substrate. Various cosmetic and personal care products fail to deliver proper functioning solutions for managing the storage and the output of their ingredients. However, people easily overlook the complexity of such solutions. But it is prudent to understand that even a basic design requires a sophisticated interaction between various types of porous material components. Every component here plays a specific function to produce a system, dependable on controlled and precise application. Spartenfelt applies its material science expertise to high-quality synthetic and unidirectional fiber applicators. These synthetic applicators are the best alternative to cosmetic natural brush. Our applicators are custom engineered for dispensing liquids of any viscosity. Our applicators have the following feature- HiFor havingrior for liquid transfer and valve action dispersal. For having softened at the point of contact, our applicators are custom engineered with resin formulations. The applicator simply is one-piece construction. For smooth and precise cosmetic application, we have kept fluid uniformly dispersed. They can come in various point designs, such as chisel, fine, and broad tip design. Our standard and unique production methods make us one of the leading manufactures of cosmetic applicators and other polishing pads. To know more about us, visit our website and contact us.

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